Optimization of supply, storage and demand for electricity and heat
Increasing self-consumption of local renewable energy in residential buildings at the lowest cost
Intelligent management and optimization of all energy flows in the building

SCORES combines and optimizes the multi-energy generation, storage and consumption of local renewable energy (electricity and heat) and grid supply, bringing new sources of flexibility to the grid, and enabling reliable operation with a positive business case in Europe’s building stock.

SCORES optimizes self-consumption of renewable energy and defers investments in the energy grid. SCORES is a gamechanger in the European energy transition towards a zero-energy built environment.


20.06.2019 | SCORES at 7th TESSe2b workshop

We are happy that the word about SCORES project is spreading - this time in Poland! Last week, Luis Coelho from Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal presented SCORES at the seventh workshop of the great TESSe2b project. The workshop took place on 12th June at Hotel Gromada in Warsaw.

You can find more pictures in our Gallery.

23.05.2019 | What is the REDOX HEAT BATTERY?

Have you read our last project newsletter? Within the framework of the SCORES project hybrid energy harvesting – conversion and storage technologies are being developed.

A team of engineers and scientists from the Dutch research organization TNO has built a laboratory scale setup for testing a heat storage technology!