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18.01.2019 | New cluster project - HEAT4COOL

We have started cluster cooperation with Heat4cool project!
The Heat4Cool concept proposes innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions that support EU energy efficiency policies through optimal integration of relevant rehabilitation systems. The project develops, integrates and demonstrates an easy to install and highly energy efficient solution for building retrofitting.

Looking forward to fruitful cooperation!

11.01.2019 | SCORES at TESSe2b workshop in Nottingham

SCORES at TESSe2b workshop in Nottingham!
Both industry and academia will join together to discuss current innovations in the field of energy storage and efficiency in the built environment. The focus will be placed on integrated solutions for residential, commercial and public buildings using renewable sources. The workshop will take place on 24th January 2019 at the University of Nottingham. Our project will be introduced by representatives of IPS.