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SCORES_D 8.5 Hardware of the system photographs of the inst 830946 b 17.01.2022
SCORES_D1.1_Meeting plan including all consortium meetings 826310 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D1.2_Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan 1074868 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D1.3 Updated Quality Assurance and Risk Management Pl 680855 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D2.3_Market analysis on hybrid storage components 1640001 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D2.6 Report on legislation 2212924 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D3.3_Report on the required number of prototypes for 1783122 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D5.3 Photographs of the CLC subsystem 2561083 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D7.1 Characteristics of the existing building with di 2570787 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D7.5_Hardware of the system_photographs of 817912 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D7.7_Technic, economic and environmental performances 1439654 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D8.1 Characteristics of the existing multifamily buil 2456787 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D8.7_Report on the technic, economic and environmenta 2156313 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D9.1 Project website 1957866 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D9.2 Communication and dissemmination plan 1692602 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D9.3 Data Management Plan 994066 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D9.4 Brochure, rollup posters, project presentation d 1354243 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D9.6_Report on policy workshops and awareness campaig 6718490 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D9.8_Report on Training activities.pdf 1924800 b 09.05.2022
SCORES_D9.9_Potential social impact of the Project and users 2439799 b 09.05.2022


29.04.2022 | Scores I Demo Sites Seminar

The Training Demo Sites Seminar was organized on the 20th of April 2022. The project coordinator introduced the project, those responsible for each demo site presented each of the demo sites and those responsible for each installed technology presented the respective solution. Watch the seminar here.

13.04.2022 | Event I Demo Sites Seminar Invitation
Our partners from IPS are organizing the Scores Demo Sites Seminar!
Save the date 20th of April 2022, 10:00 - 12:00 CET.
Find out more information here and download the agenda.